Musik & Projects

Since 1995 Mats is official composer for Addictive tracks & Universal Publishing

Since 2019 Mats is official composer for Flippermusic

Mats Hedberg  teaches at these 2 schools in rome Fonderia delle arti  (zona san giovanni Roma Sud)

& Novamusica (Roma Nord Talenti) & private lessons

Elena Somare´ one of worlds leading Art Whistlers

performing everything from filmscores morricone neapolitan music southamerican music swedish music

in Duo with Mats Truetemperment Guitars and EBow

or in trio Mats guitars ,EBow & Lincoln Almada Paraguyan Harp & Percussion

or in 4tet with Mats guitars ,EBow,Lincoln Almada Par.Harp & Percussion,GianLuca Massetti Piano

NeaCo Neapolitan Contamination  il viaggio di NeaCo

exceptional 7tet original mixed napolitan songs with fresh new arrangements and ideas

Mats Hedberg Classical Guitar ,El guitar EBow voice

Giovanni Imparato Percussions and Voice (Musical Director)

Antonio Carluccio Rhytmical Classical Guitar and Voice

Luigi Carbone piano Voice Narrator and ideator

Aldo Perris Bass and Voice (Arrangements)

Davide Grottelli Saxes ,woodvinds, flutes

Anna Rita Di Pace Violin and Voice

Stockholm vs Napoli

A really exciting duo of improvvisation and nu folk

Giovanni Imparato Percussions and voice

Mats Hedberg True Temperament Guitars Ebow Slide & voice

check out the duo at these fine sites: Facebook  Youtube Channel Reverbnation


check out their amazing debut cd Progxprimetal on Lionmusic records

Mats Hedberg Guitars ebow sitar Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa) Drums Björn Jansson Voice see a video youtube here

featuring on CD Keyboardists Hans Lundin (KAIPA& Alessandro Gwis

Lorenzo Feliciati Fabrizio Sciannameo Marco Caudai Bass Giovanni Imparato Percussions & voices

East Meets West - Duo - Mats Hedberg True Temperament Guitars/Ebow - Sanjay Kansa Banik Tablas

Hang Camera pocket  & Cinematica

Filmmusic and original filmmusic

Mats Hedberg True Temperament Guitars

Marco Testoni Hang drum caisa drum Percussion

Hang Camera Quartet   Cinema Bonsai    Pollock project

Mats Hedberg True Temperament Guitars Marco Testoni Hang drum caisa drum Percussion

Simone Salza soprano alto Sax clarinet

Elisabetta antonioni voice and electronics

links to Hang Camera    Cinema Bonsai    Pollock Project

IKONA duo   mixing contemporary music with progressive and classical nu jazz

Mats Hedberg True Temperament Guitars Antonio Magli Piano

check out youtube live from Festa Rodolfo Maltese 2014 at stazione birra club in rome

Ligeti Musica ricercata

BFH Hard Progressive trio

Mats Hedberg Guitars Maurizio Boco Drums Fabrizio Sciannameo Bass

click here for the gate IV Live @ Youtube

HEPOKA Quartet

Mats Hedberg Guitars Andrea Polinelli Sax flute Sanjay Kansa Banik Tablas

Carmine Iuvone  Doublebass

ICONICO  Filmmusic

Mats Hedberg Guitars  Pier Luigi Manieri Sax & narrator     Adelmo Togliani Narrator

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