Instruments Amps and pedals

Mats Uses this equipment exclusevily


2 ENGL Savage 120 Amplifiers 

2 Stereo vintage 4x12 speaker cabinet

1 stereo speaker 2x12 cabinet

ENGL website


EBow Guitar Method one of a kind worldwwide!with 44 videos online included Dantonemusic 2021

Kompendium Onlline Book 180 pages with complete TAB in PDF download here 2018

IROKBOX download online with 100 videos online

Metalbox complete guitar method with CD Carisch 2007

The Electric Neoclassical guitar La chitarra eklettrica neoclassica playgame carisch 1998 vhs 2005 dvd


Manne Guitars

Swede Taos MH11 Model Fretted With True Temperament Fretting systems &Vignoni Pickups P90 Stack

Manne Emma Model Fretted With True Temperament Fretting system & Vignoni Humbucker Pickups

Manne Taos Fretless Wonder with NORDICLIGHTS Mats Signature pickups by Vignoni pickups

Manne Classical 24 Fret wonder prototype guitar

Manne Acoustic ORS Fretted With True Temperament fretting system

Manne Taos Bass


Ramirez  CWE Classical Guitar and Guitarra del Tiempo

Ramirez Hard Tension Strings!!!


Acus T5 Acoustic Amplifier


ENGL Cabloader Pedal

ENGL Powerball Dist Pedal


Kor Vibechorus pedal

Kor Mats Mojo Drive pedal


RADIAL J48 Stereo and Mono DI boxes



4 Ebows


Ernie Ball Strings electric  011-048 POWER SLINKY 2220 for MANNE GUITARS

Ernie Ball Strings electric 010-046 REGULAR SLINKY 3221 for Strats

Ernie Ball EARTHWOOD  012-054 medium light 2146 for Acoustic guitars

Ernie Ball 2406 Ernesto palla black & silver Classical strings


Brainworx PLUGIN for all ENGL amps for UA Apollo MK II TWIN


Miscellaneous instruments used:

1 stratocaster with Vignoni fat strat pickups

1 stratocaster scalloped with Vignoni Single coil pickups

1 Indian Sitar

1 Swedish Ukulele

1 Acoustic Martin 000

1 Yamaha Classical guitar

1 Spanish Classical handmade guitar

1 Gotlands Mandolin

1 Egyptisk OUD

Mats Uses exclusevily ENGL  Savage 120 Amps and 4x12 and 2x12 speakers vintage cabinets

Mats has 3 guitars Fretted With True Temperament Fretting system

Mats Uses The Incredible EBOW

Mats Uses Ernie Ball Strings  acoustic 012 electric 011-056 010-048

Mats Uses exclusevily Vignoni Handmade Pickups

Mats Uses exclusevily KOR Handmade pedals

Mats Uses exclusevily The Rockslide

Mats Uses exclusevily ACUS T5 acoustic guitar amp

Mats Uses exclusevily EsseTipicks

Mats Uses exclusevily PLUGIN-ALLIANCE


Mats latest news in an EPK made specifically for concerts and or managers
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Guitar Lessons 

Guitar lessons all levels 

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Gitarrenlezionen fur alles

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kontakta mig kontakt mich

also Skype Lessons

Guitar Master Class 

Seminars Seminari Seminarier Seminarien

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