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Mats Hedberg CV 2016-2020
Mats Hedberg Curiculum Vitae short presentation about releases and released material
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2011-2020 Mats recorded and performed with the following groups and artists:

Mats Hedberg Solo Concerts 

1/11 Filderstedt solo concert at Andoras vernissage last day!

Bröckel Flotart festival 2018

Springe Fest Solo Concert 2018

Vintage guitar show Oldenburg Germany 2017

Vintage guitar show Oldenburg Germany 2016

Madame guitar festival Italy 2016 

Elettrika Rome Guitar Festival Italy 2015

Fiuggi Guitar Festival Italy 2015



Neapolitan contamination

Elena Somare  Art Whistler (Milano)

Mats Hedberg Bernhard Wöstheinrich (CentroZoon) & Volker Lankow

 Mats Hedberg - Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa) - Vargtonprojekt

Hedberg Mudrich DuO (SE/DE) Mats Hedberg & Regina Mudrich (VL)
IKONA duo, with Antono Magli (piano)

East meets West - Mats gtrs,Sanjay Kansa Banik Tablas
Hepoka Quartet Mats Hedberg gtrs, Sanjay Kansa Banik (tablas)

Andrea Polinelli (sax, flute), Carmine Iuvone (bs)
Stockholm Napoli Mats Hedberg & Giovanni Imparato
Hang Camera pocket Mats Hedberg Marco Testoni 

Elisabeth Cutler Singer songwriter (Boston, USA)
Pollock Project Mats Hedberg Marco Testoni Simone Salza Elisabetta Antonini
BFH clip 2 Trio performance at ELETTRIKA Guitar Festival (Rome) 2014

BFH is : Mats Hedberg  Maurizio Boco (Dr) Fabrizio Sciannameo (Bs)


2011 - 2019  Concerts in Roma, Napoli, Milan, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, & Germany


Photo Exhibition Arturo Ghergo w Mats Music at Palazzo dello esposizione 3 april - 8 July 2012


2011 Concerts and seminars with Vargtonprojekt Mats Hedberg & Morgan Ågren duo (Frank Zappa/Steve Vai/Mats-Morgan Band)

Since 1995 Mats is official composer for Addictive tracks & Universal Publishing

2011 Mats was sponsored by Visitsweden and the Swedish Embassy (Rome)

Stockholm vs Napoli representing Sweden in 4 concerts at Tocati Festival of Verona


2010 was sponsored by The Swedish Embassy in Rome for various concerts and the opening of IKEA in Rome & at Auditorium FdA with duo Stockholm vs Napoli with Giovanni Imparato (percussion) presented by Swedish Ambassador: Anders Bjurner

Filmscore work with director Pasquale Pozzessere for various documentaries and cinema films La Porta delle 7 Stelle (2005) and COCAPOP (2010)  Stefano Dioniso

and others..

ICONICO   Live soundtrack performances from film directors and composers John Carpenter, Vangelis, Morricone &others. Mats Hedberg Guitars Pier Luigi Manieri sax Narrating Adelmo Togliano Narrating
Performed in literature presentation John Carpenter, solo guitar concerts organized by the City of Rome : Mats Hedberg PierLuigi Manieri


Mats has performed & recorded among many others these artists in Sweden:
Lutricia Macneal, Meja ,Robert Wells, Catch, Riksteatern - Ett resande teatersällskap - (Sten Ljunggren/Jakob Eklund , Norrköpingsteatern;Man of La Mancha (Sune Mangs)

and many more......

1990-95 Performed on television shows and concerts in Italy:
Roxy Bar TV performance series - Red Ronnie; member of house band; appeared with Giorgia, Gianni Morandi, Tom Jones, Cindy Lauper, Piero Pelu and others. Additional TV appearances: Domenica In, Bellezze sulla Neve, FestivalBar, Buona Domenica

Arranger and band member 4 italian artists :

Massimo Ranieri, Bobby Solo, Scialpi , Povia, Wess, Sabrina, and more

Years of collaboration with guitar magazine  Chitarre here video lesson

guitarmasterclass videos on line
Guitar Video ‘La Chitarra elettrica neoclassica’(Playgame-Carisch) 1998/2009
Complete Guitar Method with CD METALBOX 2007 (Carisch)

Teacher residence at Fonderia delle Arti and Novamusica (Rome), as well as conducting various seminars & Master Classes and private lessons too!

Mats Official endorses:
ENGL amps & speakers
Manne Acoustic & Electric Guitars filmclip
Ramirez Classical Guitars
TT True temperament Fretting Systems
The RockSlide
Vignoni Handmade Pickups
KOR handmade Pedals
Ernie Ball Strings

Plugin - alliance 4 ENGL amps and apollo MKII twin UA


STARK - Classical Guitars

Cds, books, and videos

2019 11 Ebow Inventios will be out on cd in september  progressive classical solo  guitar both albums will will be out with flipper music  classical rhytmical guitar duos will be out with Addictive tracks November

2019 layers of nordiclights Flipper music electric solo guitar 

2018 recordings of 4 albums 2 electric solo guitar,1 classical solo guitar,1 duo classical guitar albums

2017 Bandcamp release Classics & Neoclassics & GOTLANDSSTÄMNING - svit for 2 classical guitars

2016 CD True Temperament solo guitar cd MEH551 CD on Distribution Ghosttown norwegian label

2016 CD Mini CD Freja Svit  for 2 Guitars - Mats Erik Hedberg MEH 550
2015 CD ‘Polishing Stones’(Beste! Unterhaltung 2015), Elisabeth Cutler mats guitar on 9 tracks
2014 CD ‘American Road Stories’ (Warner Chappell)
2013 CD ‘Io Pretendo dignita’, Amnesty International, ‘Quel cosas che qiuero’ Stockholm vs Napoli Duo
2012 CD ‘Minimal Underscores’ (Warner Chapell) Mats Hedberg soloist
2011 CD ‘Progxprimetal’(2011 Lionmusic Records) Vargtonprojekt: Mats Hedberg, Morgan Ågren (drums), Björn Jansson (bass)
2010 Soundtrack for ‘COCAPOP’ film, director: Pasquale Pozzessere, with Stefano Dionisi
2010 CD ‘Instruments Europe’, (Universal Matchmusic) Mats Hedberg soloist
2009 CD ‘ImpatiensHang Camera (3 Lune Records), featuring Billy Cobham
2008 CD ‘River of Time’, ‘New Age’ magazine (#172)
2007 CD/Book ‘METALBOX’, (Carisch)Mats Hedberg’s Complete Guitar Method
2006 CD ‘WAG - World Acoustic Guitar’ (3 Lune records), Hedberg/Häggner
2005 Hedberg/Häggner CD ‘Melodier’
2004 Soundtrack for the film "La Porta delle 7 Stelle" (Stefano Dionisi) Director: Pasquale Pozzessere
2004 CD ‘Triptych’ (Chitarre magazine), Mats Hedberg
2003 CD ‘NordicLights’, Mats Hedberg
2003 CD ‘A Musical Tribute to Dr.Bach’ (S3L ), Mats Hedberg
2002 BFH Trio CD ‘The Gate
2001 CD ‘Unplugged 2’ (BmG/Ariola/Matchmusic) Hedberg/Häggner
1998 VIDEO ‘La Chitarra Elettrica Neoclassica’ Playgame Music AV6022 Video (Carisch) Mats Hedberg
1983-1990 musician/arranger in Sweden with: Lutricia Macneal, MEJA, Robert Wells, Riksteatern, Norrköpingsteatern, Catch, Rickard Carlzon and more!

CDs to be released  2019-2020

AMIQ’, Antonio Magli International Quartet – Antonio Magli (Piano) Mats Hedberg (Guitar/Ebow) John B. Arnold (drums & electronics)Carmine Iuvone (bass).

‘Imparato Hedberg DuO ’, Stockholm Napoli, in duo with Giovanni Imparato (percussion, vocals) and Mats Hedberg (Truetemperament guitar, Ebow, vocals)


Neapolitan Contamination

debut cd for this 7tet piccola orchestra


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