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complete Transcriptions and TAB
part I Technical Aspects part II SOLO GUITAR Part III DUOS
Documento Adobe Acrobat [64.5 MB]

Im very excited about this nu KOMPENDIUM its a lot of my guitar transcriptions that i did 

also for my students ,bach of course and othe classical composers plus some nu stuff like transcriptions from shakti and my own nu solo stuff

if you want to download it you can pay me at paypal the cost is 15 euros and you will get the password from me and print it yourself !For an additional 15 euros you get a pendrive sent to your home with background trax and filmclips for example the odd meter exercise



complete Transcriptions and TAB

part I  Technical Aspects - warmups/Modal Scale/Chordbuilder 1-5 /Slonimsky stretch n Go/ The Cube /Odd meter exercises / Arpeggio studies/ Joy / Danse du bonheur ! part II SOLO GUITAR  Double (J.S.Bach) Prelude from Lute suite in E minor (J.S.Bach) Allegro violin sonata in F (Händel)

Sarabande from cellosuite in C minor (J.S.Bach) Flight of the bumble bee (korsakov) Sarabande from violin partita in  B minor (J.S.Bach) 24 capriccio variations (paganini) sweep Etyd Capriccio 1 (paganini) Moto perpetuo part 1 (Paganini) Allegro vivace finale (Lars Erik Larsson) Adagio from a bassline of (albinoni) Rattenfänger from Hameln (Jurgen Langehein) Kadens Variations from 24 capriccio chord progression(Mats Hedberg) Preludium (Mats Hedberg) Labyrintus (Mats Hedberg)

Motstånd (Mats Hedberg Regina Mudrich)  part III Duos - Kantat 147 etyd (Hedberg Bach) Prelude 2 in C minor from wohltemperierte klavier (J.S.Bach) Inventio in Dm in C and in F (J.S.Bach) Prelude in D minor with electric guitar counterpoint (J.S.Bach Mats Hedberg) Goldberg variation 1 (J.S.Bach)

Badinerie in B minor (J.S.Bach) Air from suite BWV 1068 (J.S.Bach) Adagio from violin sonata in G minor (Händel) musica ricercata (Györgi Ligeti) David Freja Svit for 2 guitars no Tab (Mats Hedberg) 


02-09/10   Mats Hedberg invited to compose and record @ Visby International composer centre in Gotland Visby Sweden VICC

29/09  Nu CD debut Mats Hedberg Marco testoni Hang Camera Pocket duo @ Studio 33 trastevere roma

23/09  Shards Concert & Imparato Hedberg duo in London UK presentation Vinyl Album

22/09  Shards Concert & Imparato Hedberg duo in London UK presentation Vinyl Album

21/09  Shards Concert & Imparato Hedberg duo in London UK presentation Vinyl Album

20/09  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Lago di Como Italy

19/09  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Varenna Italy

01/09  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Teatro Costiera Amalfitana

31/08  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Teatro Costiera Amalfitana

19/08   Mats Solo Concert  Germany Hannover

18/08   Concert @ Energie und Umwelt centrum music Festival in Germany with Sue Sheehan Bouzouki Voice & Abass Nour Percussions & voice Mats Hedberg True Temperament guitars ebow  & Voice

17/08   Concert @ Energie und Umwelt centrum music Festival in Germany with Sue Sheehan Bouzouki Voice & Abass Nour Percussions & voice Mats Hedberg True Temperament guitars ebow  & Voice

06/08 Pier Luigi Manieri Adelmo Togliani Mats Hedberg "Iconico" Filmmusic and narration concert

19/07  Mats & Whistler virtuosa :  Elena Somare´ Private House Concert Marco Cecioni Exhibition Napoli


11/07 Neapolitan Contamination Concert Circolo tiro a volo  roma

29/06 Mats & Whistler virtuosa :  Elena Somare´ Concert Capalbio Toscana Italy

24/06 Neapolitan Contamination Concert Stufe Di Nerone Napoli Italy

22/06 Elsa Morante, Mats will play music from Mozart solo electric true temperament guitar Guidonia

21/6 Mats & Whistler virtuosa :  Elena Somare´ Piazza Navona festa della Musica Roma

20/6 Mats & Whistler virtuosa :  Elena Somare´ Private House Concert Roma

19/06 Volker Lankow new album " 14 years through a Turmoiled world "

with Mats on 3 trax out now on bandcamp Mixed by Markus Reuter(Stickmen/Crimson Projkt)

16/06 my new book KOMPENDIUM is available here soon in Pdf on site , but you can order USB pendrive with the whole book in PDF plus extra stuff Videos of the odd meters exercises and 1 bonus cd inside contact me @ for more info

10/06   Mats Hedberg workshops & Seminar & Concerts Bröckel Germany at Flotart festival

09/06   Mats Hedberg workshops & Seminar & Concerts Bröckel Germany at Flotart festival

08/06   Mats Hedberg workshops & Seminar & Concerts Bröckel Germany at Flotart festival

07/06   Mats Hedberg workshops & Seminar & Concerts Bröckel Germany at Flotart festival

29/05 Shards Concert and Imparato Hedberg duo Concert in London

28/05 Shards Concert and Imparato Hedberg duo Concert in London

27/05 Shards Concert and Imparato Hedberg duo Concert in London

26/05 Shards Concert and Imparato Hedberg duo Concert in London

25/05 Shards Concert and Imparato Hedberg duo Concert in London

23/05 Neapolitan Contamination Concert Big Mama Jazzclub roma Italy

11/05 Neapolitan Contamination Concert Locanda del gusto live roma

10/5 Mats & Whistler virtuosa :  Elena Somare´ Villa Ada Reparto Ippica concerto in Rome

03/05  Neapolitan Contamination 2 concerts Comune di Fiumicino Roma

24/04 concert David Colagiacomo CD Hotel David with Mats & Giovanni Imparato Segni Italy

22/04  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Teatro degli Audaci Roma

21/04  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Teatro degli Audaci Roma

20/04  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Teatro degli Audaci Roma

19/04  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Teatro degli Audaci Roma

12/04  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Big Mama Jazzclub roma Italy

06/04  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Locanda del gusto live roma

24/03  Scandinavian Prog Festival DeFrag Roma 

23/03  Scandinavian Prog Festival DeFrag Roma 

15/03  Proud Endorser of RADIAL J48 DI Box the best in the world!

18/03  Duo Hang Camera Pocket recording for debut CD!!

11/03  Duo Hang Camera Pocket site nu   Mats  & Marco testoni caisa hang drum percussions

13/03  Duo Recording Mats & whistler Elena Somare at studio 33

01/03  Duo Recording Mats & whistler Elena Somare at studio 33

24/02  Scandinavian Prog Festival Roma circolo scandinavia trastevere

23/02 CD presentation David Colagiacomo with Mats & Giovanni Imparato 21.30 trastevere roma

15/02  Video Recording Mats Hedberg Marco testoni for Hang Camera Pocket duo

15/02  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Big Mama Jazzclub roma Italy

09/02  Hedberg Mudrich DuO  video Pippi långstrump live in GEWOELBE Wegesack Bremen Germany

21/01  Neapolitan Contamination Concert House concert

13/01   Elisabeth Cutler  & Mats Hedberg concerto  Archivio 14  rome:)

01/01   Elisabeth Cutler  & Mats Hedberg Her House Concert!:)


17/12  Jazz Christmas Andrea Pollinelli sax Antonio Magli Piano - Euterpermusica musicschool

14/12  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Big Mama Jazzclub roma Italy

5-7/12  Mats & Melissa Grey Recordings in Rome For Group SharDs  Dark Metal

02/12  Lucia concert swedish church and  school at Chiesa di San Bellarmino Via Panama 17.00

30/11 Mats CD Layers of Nordiclights 11 trax for  "Electric Solo Guitar Ebow and pedals"  is now mixed/mastered and you can listen and buy eventually on Bandcamp composed and recorded 23/24 march 2017 at Visby international composer centre Gotland Sweden soon Scores at svensk musik!!stay in tune! Klaus Reckert of Betreutesprogg already had a a sneak listen to it and loved it!!:)

29/11 LABYRINTUS Nu Track recorded for Vargtonprojekt II (and a Video 4 ENGL Plugin ) with Swede drummer extraordinaire : Morgan Ågren : Drums (Frank Zappa) & phenomenon : Antonio Magli : Piano

click on ENGL tv logo & see Mats Video for the Savage 120 Plugin from Plugin-Alliance Brainworx

Thanx : Martin Kleine ENGL und Christoph Tkocz- Plugin-Alliance and Pier Angelo Troiano UA Italy

Labyrintus in PDF download for free with Guitar TAB!!
Documento Adobe Acrobat [2.6 MB]

26/11  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Billions Roma via di settebagni

22/11  Mats Finished video for ENGL amps and plugin-alliance brainworx  with Morgan Agren on drums stay tuned for video! Savage 120 plugin for UA Apollo MArk II Twin

20/11  Mats & Whistler virtuosa :  Elena Somare´ at Museo Ebraico (the Jewish Museum)

in Rome via Catalana

15/11  Hedberg Mudrich DuO new Website at artgenossen

13/11   Live concert Kreuzberger Poliphonie ep 6  Volker Lankow  Bernhard Wöstheinrich Mats Hedberg 6 october 2017 : mixed & mastered by Markus Reuter (Stickmen)  2 tracks to listen at soundcloud

11/11  Oldenburg Vintage guitar festival show Mats Plays at 13.00    thanx to :  Daniel Stark & Dietrich Siebert for guitars

09/11 Hedberg Mudrich DuO  Concert Gegen den Strom - Kirche Harpstedt

07/11 Hedberg Mudrich DuO  Concert Reginas Church - Bremen

05/11 Hedberg Mudrich DuO  Concert 19.00 Gegen den Strom - Reformierte Kirche Bremen Nord

05/11 Hedberg Mudrich DuO Concert  11.00 Gegen den Strom - Ev.Kirche Alt-Aumund,HB- Nord

04/11 Hedberg Mudrich DuO Concert  Gegen den Strom - Adventhaus Grindelberg - Hamburg

26/10  Neapolitan Contamination Concert Big Mama Jazzclub roma Italy

For this german tour i would like thank : Martin Kleine Saskia klossareck at @ ENGL for providing me the ENGL acoustic amp! also to:  Daniel Stark @ Stark Guitars for his beautiful classical guitar

Elisabeth Cutler & Regina Mudrich Martin Zemke @ ArtGenossen and of course Manne Guitars and True Temperament fretting systems Vignoni handmade pickups KOR pedals EsseTiPicks

and all people around us, players: Sue Sheehan Und Peter , Tabbel Dierssen Lars Plogschties Petra Gerda Anne Sabine sina Der lektor Bernhard Wöstheinrich Volker Lankow Bertolt Prächt Markus Reuter

06/10  Hedberg Wöstheinrich Lankow Concert Kreuzberger Polyphonie episode 6 Berlin 

05/10 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert Lagari Berlin neukölln

01/10 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert Lagari Berlin

30/09 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert Grätschs gasthaus amelinghausen

28/09 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert Wirsthaus wegwarte Lucklum

28/09 Elisabeth Cutler & Mats  interview Radio Okerwelle Braunschweig Germany Florian Damm show

25/09 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert KLIMPERKASTEN STELLE

23/09 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert SHALLOCK MUSIC STORE

22/09 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert Caffe Klatsch Luneburg with Blues Org.

21/09 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert LAGERHALLE OSNABRUCK

20/09 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert Marias Ballroom Hamburg

16/09 Elisabeth Cutler Mats Hedberg concert Hofcafe Flegessen with Sue Sheehan Bad Munder

15/09 Hedberg Mudrich DuO Concert  Rheine, Germany Ev. Kirchengemeinde  Sternstraße, 5

14/09 Hedberg Mudrich DuO Concert  Ev. Kirche Alt-Aumund  An der Aumunder Kirche, 4 Germany

11/09  Hedberg Mudrich DuO  CD made for concerts

09 -10/09  Hedberg Mudrich DuO  Bonhoeffer hotel Berlin Germany


26/07 Pollock Project Concert Castello Sforzesco Milano Italy

24/07 Mats Svit "Gotlandsstämning" for 2 classical guitars is now mixed/mastered and you can listen and buy eventually on bandcamp composed and recorded 21/22 march 2017 at Visby international composer centre Gotland Sweden soon also Scores and sheet music at svensk musik!!stay in tune!

23/07 Neapolitan Contamination Concert Stufe di Nerone Pozzuoli Napoli Italy

20/07 Nu webbpage for Hedberg Mudrich DuO at FB

18/07 Hang Camera Concert Bastia Umbra Italy Special Guest : Tony Esposito

17/07- 24/07 Regina Mudrich Mats Hedberg recordings and performances in Italy Hedberg Mudrich DuO

Concerts With Elisabeth Cutler Regina Mudrich Martin Zemke Tabbel Dierssen

11/06   Bad Bevensen, Germany 13:00  Street Shopping Market City Square

05/06  Drögennottorf, Römstedt Germany 14:00 Private event

03/06  Bröckel, Germany 19:00 Antikhof Drei Eichen Hauptstr. 56

02/06  Luneburg, Germany 22:00 Kaffee Klatsch Am Springintgut, 21

01/06  Hamburg, Germany 22:00 Marias Ballroom Lassallestraße 12

28/05   Rheine, Germany Ev. Kirchengemeinde Johannes zu Rheine Sternstraße, 5

27/05   Huy OT Dingelstedt, Germany  15:30 Huysburg Monastery

26/05   Nordhausen, Germany 20:00 Cyriaci-Kapelle Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 1

25/05   Bremen, Germany 17:00 Ev. Kirche Alt-Aumund  An der Aumunder Kirche, 4

23/05   Bremen, Germany 19:30 pm Adventsgemeinde Bremen-Findorff  Plantage 22

18/05 NeaPolitan Contamination concert at Big Mama club - Roma

16/05 Mats & Friends Concert at Lukasgården Swedish church in Rome with Guests : Elisabeth Cutler - Boston & Tabla Master Sanjay kansa Banik - Calcutta

13/05 Pollock Project Concert & nu cd presentation Speak Slowly Please Casa Dell Jazz - Roma

11/05 Mats & Giovanni Imparato Duo Stockholm vs Napoli Concert @  28 Divino Jazz club - Roma

01/04  Mats in Duo with Elisabeth Cutler Albano Laziale (ROMA), Italy 20:00 Dojo Zen Via delle Mole, 32

20-26/03 Mats has officially been invited to : Visby international composer centre for 1 week in sweden!

24-27/02 Studio Sessions With Regina Mudrich Top Violin player from Nordhausen Germany @ Solo Vox Studio Rome/Italy  recording nu music for duo projekt : Motstånd & Avgång !

13/01 Mats & Giovanni Imparato Duo Stockholm vs Napoli Concert @  28 Divino Jazz club - Roma

12/01 Mats TrueTemperament CD Review in Italiano in Number December of Guitar Club On Line here

06/01 Imparato Hedberg duo Stockholm vs Napoli mixes by Claes Persson & Göran Petersson

Mastering by Claes Persson now @ Bandcamp site

Mats Hedberg latest Solo Guitar CD True Temperament  Norwegian Label Ghosttown

Release date 6/6/2016 on all Major Digital platforms : Itunes Spotify etc

CD Distribution Scandinavia & Germany - starting - 30/08/2016

Mats Hedberg True Temperament Acoustic & Electric Guitars Classical Guitar Ebow Slide

Special Guest:  Roberto Fabbri

check video Mungigan from CD - Live Studio Oldenburg Germany 11/15

Artwork Layout Graphics Design : Regina Mudrich Bremen Germany 

Mixed ByRoberto Barillari  & Mats Hedberg @ Bologna & Rome Italy

Mastered By: Claes Persson @ CRP Studio Stockholm Sweden

Buy CD Directly from Mats and Get a Bonus CD!!

Buy CD On-line at CD on & Plattekompaniet   Distributed in Scandinavia and Germany

Great news! now U can Buy my cd´s in rome!!

Potete comprare i miei cd a Roma al negozio

CD Discovery Roma Nord Circonvallazione Nomentana 803,

di Bruno Turcano il miglior negozio cd vinile!!


15/12  CD Review True Temperament in Italian guitar magazine GUITAR CLUB december (In Italiano)

14/12  Mats on cover & interview in the magazine from organisation SWEA for swedish women living abroad (intervju på Svenska)

13/12 Neapolitan contamination @ Blue Note Milano (private concert)

10/12 Chiesa San Bellarmino Roma Sankta Lucia Swedish School & Swedish Church in Rome

07/12 BERLIN - Germany - with  Elisabeth Cutler  @ PRACHTWERKBERLIN

06/12 BERLIN - Germany - with  Elisabeth Cutler  @ OFEN BAR

04/12 OLDENBURG - Germany - with  Elisabeth Cutler  @ OLS BRAUHAUS

03/12 BUCHHOLZ - Germany - with  Elisabeth Cutler  @ SOUNDHOUSE

02/12 LUNEBURG - Germany - with  Elisabeth Cutler  @ KAFFE KLATSCH

01/12 BREMEN - Germany - with  Elisabeth Cutler  @ LIBERTYS

30/11 LUBECK - Germany - with  Elisabeth Cutler  @ ESSIGFABRIK

26/11 BAD BEVENSEN - Germany - with  Elisabeth Cutler  - @ -  VAAKUUM

19/11 Mats & Giovanni Imparato Duo Stockholm vs Napoli Concerto 28 Divino Jazz club - Roma

12-13/11 @   Oldenburg Vintage Guitar show  - in Germany . Mats Will do 2 performances 45 minutes each! 12 november at 16.00  13 november at 15.30 ! dont  miss!!:) if you live in Germany!!

01/10 Betreutes    CD - True Temperament - review - in German by : Klaus Reckert

27/09 Zero Magazine   CD - True Temperament - review - in Swedish by : Robert Ryttman

26/09 Roma in Jazz - True Temperament - review and interview in Italian by Fabrizio Ciccarelli

25/09 - 16.30 h - Mats Hedberg - Solo concert - Madame Guitar Festival - Pordenone - Udine -Italy

16/09 - Mats Hedberg - CD out on Bandcamp Joh Seb Bach and Neoclassics 17 smoking trax

16/08 - concert - Claudio Maffei & Mats Hedberg - Campo calcetto - Civitella Alfedene - Aquila - Italy

14/08 - concert - Claudio Maffei & Mats Hedberg - Wine Bear - Pescasseroli - Aquila - Italy

13/08 Tor Hammerö jazz guru critic journalist  review of Mats Nu CD true Temperament in norvegian

06/08 Concert with Elisabeth Cutler  - Trevignano notte Blue

19/23/27/07 - Hepoca - Rehearsals 19/23/07 -  Recording - CD - november

14/07 concert with Elisabeth Cutler  - Castelli Romani Roma Italy

07/07 - Rehearsal with Tabla Virtuoso Sanjay Kansa Banik East meets West

05/07 - Mats is now a part of : Art Genossen - Bremen - Germany - Booking Agency  website for booking

02/07 concert with Elisabeth Cutler - Rome Italy

24/06 Concert with Neapolitan contamination @ ACEA La Borghesiana Roma

23/06 Concert with Neapolitan contamination @ Caffe delle arti Villa Borghese Roma

18/06 concert with Elisabeth Cutler - Swedish church Lukasgården Rome special Guest: Sue sheehan

17/06 concert with Elisabeth Cutler - Erba Regina Frascati rome

12/06 concert with Elisabeth Cutler - Bad Bevensen / Public square / Jazz im Städchen / Germany

11/06 concert with Elisabeth Cutler - Barnstedt Musikmeile - Barnstedt - Germany

10/06 concert with Elisabeth Cutler - Caffe Klatsch - Luneburg - Germany

09/06 concert Elisabeth Cutler - Horizont - Bremen - Germany

20/05  Mats & Giovanni Imparato Concert Stockholm vs Napoli @ 28 Divino JazzClub 

14/05 Mats special guest  Raffaele Califano Quartet @ 28 Divino JazzClub Roma

12/05 Mats special guest Marco Cecioni Balletto di Bronzo presentation cd & art exhibition @ Studio 33 

05/05 Concert with Neapolitan contamination @ Big Mama blues club Roma

28/04  Mats & Giovanni Imparato Stockholm vs Napoli - 2 concerts for pupils school Contardo Ferrini

11.00 & 12.00 - Teatro Mascagni  Rome

09/04  Hepoka concert with : Mats Hedberg guitar & Ebow - Andrea Pollinelli sax/flute

Sanjay kansa banik Tablas - Carmine Giuvone  double bass @ 28 divino  Rome

12/03 Mats special guest with Pollock Project @ Auditorium parco della musica teatro studio roma Photos of the event here check out  mats intro video clip here

10/03 Concert  with Neapolitan contamination @ Big Mama blues club Roma

08/03 concert with Elisabeth Cutler  4 rooms bistrot - Foligno - Italy

05/03 concert with Elisabeth CutlerBar Cristallo Parma

04/03 concert with Elisabeth Cutler -  MOOG BAR - Ravenna - Italy

03/03 concert with Elisabeth Cutler - osteria mariani lifestyle - Ravenna - Italy

26/02 Concert  in duo Cinema Bonsai Mats Hedberg - guitar ebow - Marco Testoni hang drum caisa drum percussion  @  Artipelago Roma 

04/02 Concert  with Neapolitan contamination @ Big Mama blues club Roma

20/01  Neapolitan contamination concert @ RAI 3 SALA A via Asiago Roma in direct radio streaming

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