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Mats Hedberg 

True Temperament

Ghosttown 2016

Mats Hedberg

Nu Solo Guitar Cd

Acoustic electric classical

mix Roberto Barillari

Master Claes Persson

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Lionmusic 2011

Mats Hedberg

Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa) Björn Jansson 

Giovanni Imparato 

Lorenzo Feliciati 

Fabrizio Sciannameo 

Marco Caudai 

Hans Lundin(KAIPA)

Alessandro Gwis

Mixing: Nicola Venieri

Master:Claes Persson

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Mats Hedberg

Metalbox Book&CD


2006 Mats Hedberg 

complete guitar method with CD  and backing trax

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Mats Hedberg


Pagina 3 2004

Mats Hedberg

Out together with guitarmag Chitarre

Best from 3 cds BFH Nordiclights Melodier

plus a new track adagio by Händel full 

transcriptions and solos inside cd enhanced cd

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Mats Hedberg


Pagina 3 2003

Mats Hedberg

First Solo cd 

all instrumental Full 

transcriptions and solos inside cd enhanced cd

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Mats Hedberg

Guitar Video

playgame 2003

Mats Hedberg

Guitar instructional video 1998 and dvd 2003

The electric neoclassical guitar

distribution Carisch

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Hedberg Häggner 


Pagina 3 2003

Mats Hedberg

classical/ac guitar ebow

Christer Häggner

Acoustic guitar

Swedish acoustic

guitar duo

arranged composed performed By duo mixed mastered by Mats Hedberg & Massimo Gangalanti

enhanced cd guitarscores inside cd

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The Gate

Pagina 3 2002

Mats Hedberg Guitars ebow sitar

Maurizio Boco Drums and percussion

Lorenzo Feliciati


a progressive suite 58 minutes long

arranged performed composed by the trio!

Mixed and mastered by

Roberto Barillari

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trelunemusic 2006

World acoustic guitars

Mats Hedberg Christer Häggner Tomatito Peter Finger Forastiere

Michele Ascolese Don Ross Franco Morone Billy Mclaughlin Beppe Gambetta Del Vezeau Alex de Grassi Lusi Salinas Sergio Altamura Dominic Frasca etc

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Amnesty Int.


Night n Day 2012

Mats Hedberg 

Guitar Ebow

Giovanni Imparato percussion voice 

performs a Medley of Afro Blue My Favourite things and impro

las cosas que quiero

Amnesty International

a Tribute 2 Dr Bach

sounds & flowers

3 lune records 2002

Mats Hedberg plays and composed 2 trax

off ensemble marco testoni

New Age

River of Time

MK editore 2007

Mats Hedberg

Kenny G Bodhi Achillea  Paul Heinerman

Dave Sterling Parish and others


Unplugged 2

 BMG prod music 1998 Mats Hedberg Christer Häggner

5 acoustic duo tracks

Hang Camera


TreLunerecords 2007

Hang drum quartet and featuring Drum great Billy Cobham on 2 trax

Mats has 2 trax norrsken and Emmas Steg playing on 9 trax guitar ebow and Guitars

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Mystic diversion

Angel Soul

Cool D vision 2010

Mike Francis Mario Puccioni Mats Hedberg

Giovanni Imparato

1 track composed and played Sommarang

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BFH DVD LIVE 2005 AT Progressivamente Festival With Echolyn & Soft Machine

Buy DVD Bootleg here with Mats Hedberg Guitar Sitar Ebow - Marizio Boco Drums & Percussion - Fabrizio Sciannameo Bass

Order Your Copy here ! see you tube clips from the DVD Mats Sitarsolo  The Gate Part 3   you tube videos in Lofi quality

Cd s with other artists

Imparato Hedberg  CD Stockholm Napoli  2018 Duo with Percussionist and singer Giovanni Imparato

Elisabeth Cutler CD Polishing Stones   Beste Unterhaltung  2016 Mats played on 9 Tracks of this CD Electric Acoustic guitars Slide and Ebow

Bobby Solo CD Al Roxy Bar  Mercury 1996 Mats Played Guitars And Bass on this cd on all tracks featuring Guitarist Enrico Ciacci

Bobby Solo CD 15 Round Mats Played electric guitars on 6 trax check out filmclip Laura with solo from mats @ Domenica Inn in Italy

Scialpi Sono quel ragazzo  single  CD Mats Arranged composed performed track with Scialpi . drums: Cristiano Micalizzi bass: Roberto Gallinelli

Scialpi  Stop  single  CD Mats Arranged composed and performed this track with Scialpi drums: Cristiano Micalizzi bass: Roberto Gallinelli

check out filmclip here

Scialpi best  CD mats played guitars on cd "Si io Si"

Scialpi Innamorandi  CD mats played guitars and arranged Bella signora Cristiano Micalizzi drums roberto galinelli bass

Sabrina Salerno greatest hits live  mats hedberg played guitars

Povia CD ARJIA   Mats Arranger composer guitars keys Povia composer voice

Robin  Single EP In the Summertime  Mats Played Flamenco intro guitar

Stefano Occhiuzzi CD Lámore ce  Mats played electric acoustic guitars ebow on all trax

Titans CD Lost Lands  Mats played electric acoustic guitars ebow

Robin Girl of today single EP 1985  mats played guitars

Glen spove  Single EP EMI 1986 Watch Out  performed arranged composed mats hedberg glen spove

Mats Guitars Nalle Påhlsson bass Matti alfonzetti backup vocals Jocke Uddling Keyboards

For all of you who bought My Guitar Method METALBOX here under you can download a Zip file with all the mp3 backingtrax with slower BPMs that didnt fit on the METALBOX CD have Fun!! Per tutti voi che avete comprato METALBOX il mio metodo qua Sotto potete scaricare i files aggiuntivi con Bpm inferiore in un unico Zip File !! divertitevi!

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